Welcome to e.Wa

e.Wa is a water research and knowledge platform that support education and research specifically on inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and methods which we think are necessary for integrated and cross-sectoral analyses and implementation of knowledge which are utmost needed for today’s water related challenges.

e.Wa offers tools and applications to search and access available data and information, a collection of decision support and mapping tools, literature and methods relevant for water related research and education. Moreover, e.Wa can serve as a cross-platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, data and collaboration, targeting researchers, students and practitioners.

e.Wa is developed by the Working group Eco-Hydrology and Water Resources Management at Geography Department, University of Bonn as a lab for strengthening inter- and transdisciplinary research and education.

Data access

Data access

The data access component provides sets of tools for archiving, publishing, querying and accessing data. You can access here the data library (meta-data catalog) of Uni-Bonn Geography, information of external sources of data, and download data that are open for public or research use.

Such published data are geo-spatial data (e.g. DEM, land-use, soil map, flood maps) and temporal data (e.g. rainfall, water level, discharge).

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Decision and mapping tools

Decision and mapping tools

The decision and mapping tool component is a 'toolbox' to search and query decision support systems and tools for mapping (e.g. tools- DSS, information dissemination,participatory mapping). You can find here different tools clustered under the following:

(1) A selection of generic tools and applications

(2) Customized tools and applications

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Method library


The method library is a component to learn about methods in water related fields (e.g. flood risk management, decision making, mapping and modelling). Besides the theoretical knowledge, examples are also presented on how to use the method in research projects and in practice.

The method library is linked to the decision and mapping tool component- providing application tools in water related decision making and mapping.

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Literature library

Literature library

The e.Wa literature library provides a list of websites of national and international journals relevant for inter- and transdisciplinary water related research. This also serves as a platform to publish, archive and collect Uni-Bonn Geography research articles, theses (B.sc., M.sc.) and dissertations (Phd).

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The component e.learning provides innovative learning through an interactive web-based learning environment using the ILIAS system.

Learning can be enhanced through greater incorporation of creative thinking and innovative approaches in education. Usable tools and applications in ILIAS such as: multi-media, wiki, forum, chat, video interfaces and others will provide an interactive learning and research exchange experience. The e.learning instruments and the educational material can as well be adapted to blended learning sessions.

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